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Neuragain Is The Nation’s Largest Network of Providers

of Infusion-Based Ketamine Therapy


The Founding Team at Neuragain understands that we are living in an extraordinary time when research is continually yielding new insights into the neurobiological basis of mood and anxiety disorders. With each advance in scientific knowledge comes new hope for effective treatments that can help the millions of people battling unrelenting depression. Neuragain will remain at the forefront of delivering these treatments. As an example, the scientific community’s recognition of ketamine’s rapid antidepressant effects represents major medical progress—what some have even called a “paradigm shift”—in the search for the next generation of antidepressant agents.


Ketamine is changing lives, and its therapeutic uses are becoming increasingly well-known. As a network of trusted and experienced psychiatric professionals, Neuragain offers patients an enhanced level of care and exceptional outcomes.


All Neuragain providers follow a set of rigorous evidence based clinical standards that reflect a proven course of controlled, practice-based ketamine therapy, a commitment to clinical excellence, and a continued search for treatment innovations.

"I honestly feel that the Neuragain treatments saved my life.  Every day felt like an insurmountable challenge that I didn't have the will power to put up with. I was unbelievably lucky that this (treatment) option presented itself when it did or I don't know that I would still be here.  The Ketamine infusions, within a matter of two days, had drastically improved my mood and suicidal ideation.  I finally felt that there was hope! I started to find my life improving in ways I had never imagined possible.  After all of the alternatives failing I could not believe that a treatment could have such beneficial results within a remarkably short time." ~ A.S.

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