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  • Joseph Rogan

What If?

Some questions are more obvious to answer than we want to admit...

What if there was a therapy for depression, anxiety and PTSD that helps 8 out of 10 people but it was not covered by any insurance, was not a prescription of pills and it was not approved by the FDA for this usage (or as it is called "off label")?

What if the real time evidence from "non clinical trial" populations (not funded by big pharma) the actual patient population receiving this therapy found NO adverse effects? And, it was administered in a safe, medically supervised setting, it was fast (less than 2 weeks) and you could get this therapy tomorrow if you needed it without delay?

Results and anecdotal evidence from actual patients feeling better to the point where they could do normal things like go back to work, interact with family and possibly have some fun in life? Really...that is out there now?

So the question goes from what if to...what is it? do you know? do you even care? If you have a family member, friend or colleague suffering for years with depressive mental disorders, I would bet you most certainly would have heard of it but were discourage because your doctor didn't feel right about offering it to you...what?

Let's not kid ourselves here...there is an existing therapy that works very well, doctors know it and it works safely and quickly too. So why do the institutional powers that be see fit to create obstacles under the guise of "long term safety" and government regulatory red tape from actually fast tracking this treatment? In the long term, as many clinical trials try to avoid, many depressed or suicidal patients will be dead. Why do practicing doctors not advocate for this therapy? Instead, they make it a political hot potato while in reality, it can be given to literally millions of people suffering from depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders on a daily basis? Hence my question...What if? (sounds like a title to a song John Lennon would have penned).

I think we know why. I also think it is time to expose the doctors, government regulatory agencies and academicians who are no more than hypocrites and frauds who say: "don't do this" on one hand and on the other are saying "this is a great thing to move forward with".

We don't need fancy titles or multiple ivory tower degrees after our names to see what is plain english... it too easy to say just follow the is more than that. If that was the case, just think how productive our society would be if we got these people back into the work force and life in general. The economic impact would be immeasurable, but then, the existing powers that be would not be the beneficiaries of that wind fall now would they. What if we just stood up and called a spade a spade?

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