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  • Joseph Rogan

The Intangibles vs. The Intellectuals

The $64,000 question...

Why are somethings so elusive and hard to replicate yet play such a critical component in determining the success or failure in life? In a macro sense, the same applies to today's healthcare environment too.

Patient care...what is that? It is a respect or a singular focus on the patient at hand and what their needs are as to why they are visiting a doctor. I call that an means many things to many people but you know what it is when you experience it in the right way.

We all have met talented, smart people over the course of our lives in that we hesitate in disbelief when we hear, see or even experience that same person make foolish decisions that ultimately lead to folly or derails them off the course of life. She /he did what? Why? No, not that person...yes, a fall from grace is not that unusual these days. As the proverb states: "pride comes before the fall"....

Not to get more biblical here (but I will) but it does apply to why I am writing this piece...let me share those intangibles: love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control...funny it doesn't refer to degrees, heritage, IQ, EQ, money, status, power, cars or homes...which set is most valuable? I would venture to say we in this culture have this bass


Why are intangibles so important? Because intangibles come from the heart and the intellect comes from the head. Intangibles speaks boldly of the important attributes of service, giving of ones time and most importantly no matter how successful one is...pride is no where to be found. Giving is much more rewarding than receiving and I don't mean just financially either. Check out the YouTube video on: Why Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek...good take 100%.

The most obvious person I can site as one who exemplifies those intangibles is....yes....Tom Brady....what, not him again in some idol worshiping reference. Well truth be told, I do have a "man crush" on Tommy boy...what guy or gal for that matter who understands football and the struggles it takes to succeed wouldn't? He represents so many aspects of the American Dream (which is why some people hate the guy...really?) - successful, good family, his Dad is his hero, loves what he does, gorgeous wife, works very hard at it and oh, he is paid rather well along with movie star good I missing anything here? Oh yea, he keeps his mouth shut and doesn't trash talk (gossip)..No drama Tomma (I just made that up)

Aside from those attributes, Mr. Brady is loved by his family, teammates, coaches and fans since he was a kid in high school. Not extremely gifted but he had that intangible...heart, compassion, dedication and a selfless way to put others before him for the good of the team...I can go on, but you get my drift.

Here is the really good news...WE, yes, we carry those intangibles in us too if we chose to explore, work and then live them out in our day to day lives. At work, home or play we can be "that person" people seek out because we earned the trust of others by doing our job well and not expect to get patted on the back every time. We can do the right things because it is right and not because someone else is watching. They are watching just don't know when.

So the moral of the story is Tom Brady is us....the average guy who nobody thought could do it or was too slow or whatever. He just worked his tail off and stayed positive despite the obstacles he faced and pressure he had to deal with. It doesn't happen overnight either, He demonstrated his intangibles day in and day out, show up, do the best you can, love others and someday you just might be called the G.O.A.T. too....Greatest Of All Time.

Remember the famous quote from renowned business author Jim Collins who wrote Good To Great... he said, "good is the enemy of great"

Let's be like Tony the Tiger who used to say in his Frosted Flakes commercials years ago...."they're Grrrrrreeeeaaattt"

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